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Oleh : Sabar Marniyati , Yohanes Triyanto Ari Wibowo

Keywords: Quality of service, the KTP-elektronic.


This study aims to determine the extent to which the service of e-KTP at the District Office Jenawi Karanganyar. The research location is in District Jenawi Karanganyar. The method used is descriptive qualitative, which the authors explain, interpret and analyze data. To search for data collection techniques used in data by observation, interviews, and documents. Mechanical inspection data by triangulation of data. The method analisis data by analisis interaktif.Based on the results of research and discussion can be concluded as follows: 1) Quality of e-KTP at the District Office Jenawi described by several indicators as follows: a) The quality of service based Tangibles (direct evidence),  to provide service tangibles (direct evidence) need to be improved quality. b) Reliability (reliability), due to limited human resources and the number of people who require the making e-KTP at the same time to be served immediately with the reasons for the efficiency of time and do not interfere with their work. c) Responsiveness (responsiveness), the quality of service Responsiveness (responsiveness) for improvement quality. d) Assurance (guarantee), so that people feel safe when doing business e-KTP is good enough and the need for quality improvement. e) Empathy (empathy), understanding the individual needs of the people taking care of e-KTP is good enough. 2) the constraints that affect the service of e-KTP at the District Office Jenawi there are some constraints, of the occurrence of damage to the e-KTP recording device to server crashes resulting in inhibition of the recording process of e-KTP and unexpected power failures and human factors, namely many people who want to be served immediately. To overcome these obstacles do some anticipation among others, to prepare technicians who put in place the recorder e-KTP, hold regular coordination with the Office of Population Karanganyar Administration and to provide backup machine, and to disturbances in the electrical, attempted procurement of at least 5,000 VA and to cope with the number of e-KTP applicant, the implementation is done gradually so that no buildup queue.

Jurnal Ilmiah Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik UNIVERSITAS SURAKARTA



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