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Transparansi Pelayanan Publik Di Desa Giriwondo Kecamatan Jumapolo Kabupaten Karanganyar


Oleh : Teguh Widodo

Keywords: Transparency, Public Servise



This study aims to find out about the transparency of public services in the administrative process in Giriwondo Village, Jumapolo District. This transparency includes: service procedures, technical and administrative service requirements, details of service costs, and completion time. This study uses a qualitative descriptive method in determining samples, the authors use a purposive sampling technique. And the author has chosen six respondents. In data analysis, the authors use real data triangulation, which has been obtained from interviews. Based on the results of research and discussion of service transparency is not good. At the Giriwondo Village office in Jumapolo sub-district, there were no flow charts or announcements regarding some of the requirements and regulations that set service fees so that the community did not know about these regulations because the village apparatus never gave out information to the community. The requirements for correspondence services at the Giriwondo village office in Jumapolo sub-district are still not transparent, especially in terms of administration, although administrative fees have been determined, but the costs in services are not in accordance with the stipulations. The time needed to provide service products to the people of Giriwondo Village, Jumapolo District puts forward the accuracy system. If the village head is in place then the required letter can be immediately resolved, but if it is out, then it must wait first. In this case the village apparatus is not certain in issuing service products. In paying the cost of public services not explained the details of the costs incurred intended for anyone. So that people only pay off their obligations and receive the letters needed. The obstacles faced by the apparatus of Giriwondo Village, Jumapolo District in service transparency are: Human Resources, Facilities and Infrastructure, and Community Factors.





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